Coastal living at it’s finest

Del Mar is a special place.  It’s hard to specify exactly what it is that makes it so special, so I would rather just recommend that you visit sometime when you have a chance.  I believe there is a little something for everyone to appreciate in Del Mar.  If it’s more of a peaceful stroll on the beach down by seventh st. or if your looking to enjoy a great meal as the sun dips below the horizon up at The Plaza, Del Mar can easily accommodate to your desires. 

There is just something that often gets lost in the coastal communities of Southern California that is ever present here in this little coastal niche.  Rather than the tall condominium complexes that adorn much of Los Angeles, Orange and most of San Diego counties,  here it seems the regular beach cottage reigns supreme.  Not that there is’nt an array of architecturally progressive homes here, but that the designers usually chose to include the amazing Cypress and Eucalyptus trees into the plans instead of cutting them down to maximize square footage.  While much of the real estate market has been going through some strain in the past couple years it seems that Del Mar is a little more resilient, most likely due to it’s uniqueness. 

 I took a picture once in Del Mar from the bridge at the rivermouth.  I framed it as such that, there are no houses in the picture…only water and an amazing sunset over the sand with two swaying palms on the left.  I often would ask people where they believe I took the photo and have gotten answers like Fiji, Hawaii and the Caribbean.  I always enjoy the look on their face when I get to tell them that the photo was taken less that two blocks from where they are now standing.  Just another sunset here in Del Mar.

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